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Flowers Of Evil, Volume 11

Flowers Of Evil, Volume 11

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One of the top ten manga in Japan today comes to the US. A New York Times Best Seller, from the editors of Love Hina and Negima Neo, comes a new age romance comedy of rural teens and classic french poetry.

From the editors of Love Hina and Negima Neo comes a new-age romance comedy of rural teens and classic French poetry.

A lonely, bookish teen struggles to find his identity through Charles Baudelaire's poetry until two girls, a bully and the class beauty, help him realize true love and real friendship. In the eleventh volume of The Flowers of Evil, Takao Kasuga has blossomed. After years of struggling with his inner demons and a lifetime of boredom, the young man has found peace. Now a high schooler living in the growing city of New Urawa, he has come a long way from his days of riding his bike and hitting used book stores in his sleepy mountain hometown in the rural regions of Gunma prefecture. But now he returns to Gunma, intent on finding the person who set him on this journey of self-discovery, for some closure.

ISBN13 9781941220108
Dimensions 179 mm x 128 mm x 17 mm
Weight 186 gr
Release Date 15/10/2014
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