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A Girl On The Shore

A Girl On The Shore

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by Asano, Inio

The latest book from one of the comics world's most respected artists. Directly inspired by Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, Inio Asano spins a tight 18-and-up yarn about teen agnst, rural boredom, and one-sided romance set in a modern-day Japanese seaside village, where everyone knows about everyone else's personal lives...Or so they thought.

Koume Sato and Kosuke Isobe are two teenagers living in a sleepy Japanese seaside town. After getting used and dumped by her crush, the emotionally damaged Koume decides to start a relationship with Kosuke, without any emotions involved. However, they both soon discover that sex with no strings attached often leads to unexpected complications, not just for themselves but also the people around them.

ISBN13 9781941220856
Dimensions 193 mm x 139 mm x 31 mm
Weight 426 gr
Release Date 15/02/2016
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