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My Neighbor Seki, 10

My Neighbor Seki, 10

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by Morishige, Takuma

My Neighbor Seki is a high school comedy manga in the vein of Yotsuba and Azumanga Daioh.

My Neighbor Seki is a collection of short stories that revolve around two classmates who sit at the back of their high school homeroom. In each chapter Seki devises a new way to kill time in his school desk, to best avoid boredom. And along the way, he ends up distracting the girl who sits next to him Rumi; who's mind goes wild as Seki pushes the limits of his disobediance.

Story Locale- A Japanese High School

Series Overview- My Neighbor Seki is a 9+ volume manga comedy that is set in high school; comedic hi-jinks that revolve around pair of teens who are constantly finding new and inventive ways to kill time in class.

ISBN13 9781945054501
Dimensions 176 mm x 126 mm x 15 mm
Weight 136 gr
Release Date 23/01/2018
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