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Welcome to Succubus High! Vol. 2

Welcome to Succubus High! Vol. 2

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by Curve, Knuckle

HE'LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR EXTRA CREDIT The results are in- Takeru's classmates have given him a failing grade in his role as Goodwill Ambassador. Faced with the possibility of embarrassment and, worse, expulsion, he vows to do whatever it takes to earn their approval. But that's a dangerous proposition when his classmates are a bunch of voluptuous succubi intent on harvesting his carnal energy. And it's even dicier with half the school mistakenly convinced he's into S&M!

Imprint Ghost Ship
ISBN13 9781947804777
Dimensions 184 mm x 131 mm x 16 mm
Weight 160 gr
Release Date 26/01/2021
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