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Desire Pandora Vol. 1

Desire Pandora Vol. 1

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by Hizuki, Akira

A devilish dive into exploring the hottest girls on earth...and in hell!

"Very well... I'll give you a whiff. I am the demon Roselia, and I've come to grant your wish."

Takai Tsukasa is obsessed with the female body, but what he longs for more than anything is to find the perfect armpits. One day, an elegant, blonde demon appears before him, and she has exactly what he craves. A bold, uncensored fetish fantasy unfurls between Tsukasa, his neighbor Chika, the demon Roselia, and a cast of demon girls who are hungry for more than just souls and power!

Imprint Ghost Ship
ISBN13 9781947804999
Dimensions 184 mm x 129 mm x 13 mm
Weight 138 gr
Release Date 30/11/2021
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