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Magi, Vol. 33: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi, Vol. 33: The Labyrinth of Magic

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by Ohtaka, Shinobu

An epic dungeon-busting adventure inspired by One Thousand and One Nights!

Deep within the desert lie the mysterious Dungeons, vast stores of riches there for the taking by anyone lucky enough to find them and brave enough to venture into the depths from where few have ever returned. Plucky young adventurer Aladdin means to find the Dungeons and their riches, but Aladdin may be just as mysterious as the treasures he seeks.

Overcoming her hatred, Kogyoku resolves to leave the International Alliance. In Sindria, Sinbad is increasingly frustrated with a world straying far from what he intended, and he heads for the Sacred Palace. Torn between the black and white rukh within him, Sinbad seeks a way to control the world. But Ugo awaits Sinbad’s arrival and a confrontation is inevitable.

Imprint Shonen Sunday
Publisher VIZ Media
ISBN13 9781974700219
Dimensions 191 mm x 129 mm x 15 mm
Weight 176 gr
Release Date 10/01/2019
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