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Water Dragon's Bride, Vol. 8

Water Dragon's Bride, Vol. 8

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The Water Dragon's Bride
by Toma, Rei

A modern-day girl gets whisked away to a strange land where she is sacrificed to a water dragon god!

In the blink of an eye, a modern-day girl named Asahi is whisked away from her warm and happy home and stranded in a strange and mysterious world where she meets a water dragon god!

Asahi is captured by a human who’s using the god of darkness to take over the world! Trapped in the underworld, Asahi resolves to figure out the true intention of this ruthless boy while the water dragon god and Subaru tag team to try to save her!

Imprint Shojo Beat
Publisher VIZ Media
ISBN13 9781974702282
Dimensions 191 mm x 129 mm x 16 mm
Weight 180 gr
Release Date 10/02/2019
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